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How to Choose the Best Snacks to Pair with Wine

If you’re planning a gathering, and are a bit apprehensive about knowing what goes well with wine, we are here to help your event go smoothly.  Here, you’ll find a brief description of food to eat with wine.  And, to make sure your get together [...]

Wine and Plastic Cups: Not a Perfect Pairing. Here’s Why

There’s no reason to fret over purchasing and serving guests from an ultra-expensive crystal champagne flute. However, there are plenty of reasons not to serve wine, Champagne, or Prosecco in a plastic cup. And the reasons are far more than the obvious aesthetics.   Yes, it’s [...]

Prosecco Cocktails You Can Prepare in Minutes

There’s nothing quite like a bit of bubbly added to a cocktail to lighten it up and present a festive and classy touch to any occasion. With a Prosecco mixer, your cocktails can reach a whole new level of flavor and beauty.  To make your [...]

Choose the Right Cheese for Your Champagne or Prosecco

If you’re planning to celebrate with a remarkable glass of chilled bubbly, finding the right wine and food will lift your party to a whole new level. Both beverages — Champagne and Prosecco — compliment similar cheeses -- in texture, intensity and flavor. So, to [...]

Prosecco and Food: Easy Focaccia Pizza Recipe

Who doesn’t love bread? While it can be the downfall to many diets because carbs are the “enemy,” but we still love it and have a hard time passing it up. If you’ve ever been to a quality Italian restaurant, you may have had focaccia [...]

Wine Tasting Tips for Beginners

Do you love tasting wine but have a hard time distinguishing good from bad ones? Gone are the days of college where you picked up the cheapest bottle (or box) in the corner store and ran to the party. You’re an adult now and it’s [...]

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